Aviation Life Vests

Life Vests:

Depending on what you need for your aircraft, you can select from the lightweight, extra lightweight, ultra lightweight, and special categories (special includes child and infant vests).

All aviation life vests sold by C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc. are approved by the FAA’s flight over water safety information requirements. For information on renting or purchasing aviation life vests of your own please, call us at 877-878-4835, or drop us an email.

Airplane First Aid Kits:

C&M can provide you with one of six first aid kit configurations for your aircraft. The kits can be used for from one to more than 25 people; three of the kits comply with specific F.A.A. regulations, and are made for aircraft of any type.

Airline Survival Kits:

We offer a large selection of survival kits including general, signaling, food, helicopter, desert, frigid area, polar, air force, sparsely settled area, uninhabited terrain survival and department of interior survival kits.

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