Crew Restraints

The aviation restraints that are provided to the crew of an aircraft are often times different from your ordinary passenger restraint. C&M Marine Aviation Services can provide these “special case” crew restraints to you and your aircraft.

3 point and 4 point aircraft harnesses

Three and four point harness buckles are very prominent in the aircraft industry for various types of crew restraints and generally a step up in safety and security. These restraint systems are made with a more utilitarian mannerism to them, unlike many of our passenger restraint systems.

5 point aircraft harness

Products like our 5 point harness can help keep the word safety in mind. Also, as with all of our seat belts and aviation safety equipment, our 5 point harnesses are built to exceed FAA standards.

From a rotary belt buckle to any of our 3, 4, or 5 point harnesses, C&M Marine Aviation Services can re-web your old crew restraints to make them like new.

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