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Promotional Release – Near Dallas Love Field Airport

C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc.
Crafts Custom Aircraft Safety Restraints

January 2, 2010 – A recognized leader in the industry here and abroad, C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc. (C&M) has a long history of producing high quality aviation safety restraints since its inception in 1991. The production of custom restraints and the personalized attention given to every order is the company’s signature.

Currently located near Love Field Airport in Dallas, TX, C&M produces customers’ aircraft safety restraint orders to desired specifications within FAA guidelines. C&M strives to give personalized attention to every order whether the order is placed for a basic restraint or includes custom plating and engraving.

C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc. has recently been accepted as the only approved new restraint manufacturer for the following PAC seats:  FD-1204, FD-1205, FD-1206, FD-1207, FD-2205, and FD-3101.

In addition to manufacturing new safety restraints, C&M is also an FAA approved repair station. This enables C&M to offer consulting and repair services. C&M is certified to re-web safety restraints from all manufacturers.

Regardless of the type of seat belt order, C&M offers one of the largest selections of nylon and polyester webbing color choices in the industry. There are also numerous buckle styles and the option of custom plating and engraving. C&M holds a strong partnership with webbing and parts manufacturers as well as several plating companies. C&M also has a close working relationship with a precision custom engraving company which can accurately replicate detailed logos and designs on buckle lids for corporate and sports branding.

C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc. is able to assist customers with the purchase of FAA required safety regulation equipment (life-rafts/life-vests) for over-water flights.

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C&M Marine Aviation Services, Inc. is a member of the National Business Aviation Association, Helicopter Association International, and numerous other associations.

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